Mike Meltser Podcast

    46 – When Will Sports Return?


    In this episode, Mike focuses on the biggest story in sports: when will sports actually return from the COVID-19-imposed absence?

    Mike’s guest is sports attorney Dan Lust, who works at the law firm Goldberg Segalla. 

    (6:30) Is MLB’s “Arizona Plan” realistic?

    (11:06) Why all sports must be prepared for an athlete testing positive for coronavirus. 

    (12:37) Why is May 10th a huge day for the NBA?

    (15:50) Mike’s idea for a unique way to finish the NBA season in Las Vegas.

    (18:12) What will happen with the NFL?

    (19:50) The challenge of mass testing from a PR standpoint.

    (25:28) Why college football is in the most challenging situation of all sports.

    (31:12) Mike gives his thoughts on the following topics: why targeting any return dates is a useless exercise right now, MLB’s Arizona Plan, unique ways to finish the NBA season, what he expects the NFL and CFB to do, and why we need to watch what  state governors and health officials do.