Mike Meltser Podcast

    47 – Brandin Cooks Trade and Lamar Jackson v. Amazon


    This is a 2-part episode where Mike discusses the Texans trading for Brandin Cooks and explains why Lamar Jackson is suing Amazon.

    (1:28) Why Mike would have stood pat with the 2nd round picks instead of trading for Cooks, (7:28) taking a look at the upside of this trade offensively, (9:35) discussing the national opinions on the Cooks trade, (16:20) this trade disproves the idea that DeAndre Hopkins was dealt because of money, and (22:39) Mike’s fear about the long-term plan in Houston.

     (27:31) Why is Lamar Jackson suing Amazon? Darren Heitner, sports attorney in Florida and owner of Heitner Legal, joins Mike to explain

    (28:36) What a right of publicity?

    (29:29) Why the lawsuit was filed in Florida.

    (30:32) Heitner believes Jackson could lose this case.

    (31:00) The most important issue in this lawsuit.

    (33:44) Heitner predicts the ultimate result in this case.

    Check out sports attorney Darren Heitner at https://heitnerlegal.com/.

    Follow him on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarrenHeitner.