Mike Meltser Podcast

    48 – Texans Draft Evaluation and the Red Sox Report


    This is a two part episode, with Mike discussing the Houston Texans 2020 Draft and MLB’s report into the Red Sox sign-stealing scandal.

    (1:00) Mike gives his grade on the Texans Draft

    (3:03) Analyzing the Ross Blacklock selection

    (11:00) What actually happened right before the Jonathan Greenard pick? 

    (13:24) Mike’s least favorite pick

    (17:05) Should the Texans have traded 57 for Brandin Cooks, knowing the players who ended up being available?

    (25:28) Analyzing Laremy Tunsil’s new deal

    (40:31) Why Mike liked MLB’s investigation of the Astros more than MLB’s investigation of the Red Sox

     (41:30) Mike lists his major issues with the Red Sox report

    (49:45) There is no conspiracy against the Houston Astros