Mike Meltser Podcast

    49 – Why did the US Women’s Soccer Team Lose a Big Ruling Against US Soccer?


    In this episode, Mike explores the recent ruling against the US Women’s National Soccer Team in their lawsuit against US Soccer. The USWNT, among other claims, has argued that they are paid less than the USMNT, in violation of the law. 

    Mike’s guest to explain the surprising ruling is Steven Bank, Professor of Business Law at UCLA. Professor Bank is also a frequent commentator on soccer law issues. 

    (1:35) Why did the USWNT lose a key ruling on summary judgment on their claim of equal pay?

    (3:41) How does it make sense that the federal judge concluded that the women actually were paid more than the men? 

    (6:23) Professor Bank has a theory for why the USWNT’s case may have gotten weaker over time.

    (8:01) What about the fact that US Soccer has actually made arguments that men’s soccer players deserve to get paid more than women’s soccer players?  

    (10:14) What happens now? Will the USWNT appeal? How likely is a settlement, and how does Friday’s ruling affect a possible settlement?