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    The $50 Billion Dollar Opportunity: Re-Thinking The Economics of Sterile Processing

    Dr. Peter Nichol, Pediatric Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer of MedAware Systems Inc.


    What if we told your hospital CEO they could save tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars by INVESTING more resources into your Sterile Processing department? Would you believe there is a $50 billion opportunity in the United States alone to reduce costs AND increase quality related to surgical instrument reprocessing? On this week’s episode of the Beyond Clean podcast, we bring back pediatric surgeon and industry advocate Dr. Peter Nichol to talk about the pivotal research he is spear-heading to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing our industry and to make ANOTHER HUGE announcement about the future of Beyond Clean.  Grab your C-Suite leaders for this one and have a #PodcastParty in the basement!

    Join us next week for “The Dirty Truth of Loaner Decontamination” with special guest Bob Marrs.

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