50 Shades Is Finally Over!! (Podcast)


    The nightmare of this trilogy is finally over

    D.J. and Pete are big fans of the 50 Shades trilogy, kind of. But they are so glad that this one was awful. D.J. left his movie card in Minneapolis and they can’t believe that he paid money for this movie.

    Listen to Brunch on iTunes!!

    Everything is on iTunes nowadays isn’t? Well now you can listen to Brunch on there and rate them, in case you want to tell them how awesome they are

    Which 50 Shades movie is the worst one?

    D.J. and Pete talk in depth about which movie out of the three 50 Shades movies is the absolute worst. Is Anastasia Stelele the coolest name ever? Should Christian Grey have changed his name to Christian Steele (that sounds so cool don’t ask why they didn’t go with that).


    D.J. and Pete go over the details of all the three movies which includes a lot of spoilers, so if you plan on watching these movies (seriously questioning why you would want to) but make sure you are aware of the spoilers.

    Are these movies weird to watch by yourself?

    The guys ask a very important question; how weird is it to see these movies alone? The answer is simple; very weird. They usually go to movies alone anyway but being around a bunch of young girls and these movie doesn’t seem like a good idea

    Pete wins a prize!

    Yes you read that right, Pete got a 50 Shades bottle opener and it’s not nearly as cool or wanted as you would think.

    Should John Cena be in movies anymore?

    Pete thinks that he should not. Seems pretty hard to argue with him. After all, it’s hard to have someone you can’t see in a movie right?

    Why are Anastasia and Christian such a bad relationship?

    They really need counseling. These two can’t talk unless there is something crazy or angry argument. Lots of shots of her taking off her heels by the way, and D.J knows some woman.