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    51| Checks over Everything! (Shoe Dog Review)


    The podcast duo is back for another episode, but this time they’re talking about the shoe industry. Malia and Chris sit down with Salim Collins and Kimani Jones of Ascend Apparel to discuss their company while also reviewing the book “Shoe Dog” by Nike Founder, Phil Knight. Salim and Kimani explain how Phil Knight’s journey to success compares to theirs, and also their experience in creating their first sneaker.  Malia shares how Phil went from having no real business experience to creating one of the most popular athleisure brands in the world. Chris gives his perspective on why Phil Knight stands out among other shoe company founders and the mindset that put him over the top. Honorable Mentions: Michael Jordan, Japenese, Los Angeles, California, Oregon, Adidas. Missed our prior episode and want to catch up? Don’t worry, click here we got you! Make sure you’re following and subscribed to us on the following platforms to keep up with our lit reviews: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Stitcher, Youtube, and Apple Podcast.