MasterMind Podcast

    52| More Than A Hashtag (Enough Is Enough)


    The podcasting crew takes a different turn for this episode. In this special edition of MasterMind Podcast, Malia and Chris are joined by activist, Jeneisha Harris out of Nashville, Tennessee.  During the episode, Jeneisha explains what it’s like to be on the front lines of protests in her city and what our list of demands should be as a black community. Malia shares her thoughts on “cancel culture” and how we have to be more responsible with our social posts. Chris explains how growing up in Birmingham shapes his perspective on race relations. If you want to learn more about race and social injustice, the three also give a few book recommendations. Honorable Mentions: Civil Rights Movement, police brutality, Los Angeles, California, Charlotte, Memphis, Tennessee, Black Panther Party, Malcolm X. Missed our prior episode and want to catch up? Don’t worry, click here we got you! Make sure you’re following and subscribed to us on the following platforms to keep up with our lit reviews: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Stitcher, Youtube, and Apple Podcast.