Mike Meltser Podcast

    54 – A Conversation About Qualified Immunity for Police Officers


    This episode is unlike any so far on The Mike Meltser Podcast. Mike focuses on the doctrine of qualified immunity for police officers, which has become a major topic over the last month in the United States. 

    Mike’s guest is Erika McDonald, recent University of Houston Law Center graduate and Law Clerk at the Kallinen Law Firm

    (5:35) What does qualified immunity for police officers actually mean? 

    (6:50) Why juries aren’t hearing many of these types of cases.

    (11:40) Why has the interpretation of the original intent of the law implicating qualified immunity changed so much? 

    (16:30) Erika explains why the burden on plaintiffs has been made so difficulty in modern times.

    (26:00) Why wouldn’t plaintiffs just sue police departments and cities, as opposed to individual police officers?

    (28:13) Is it easier or harder to successfully sue a police department? 

    (30:40) What would happen in qualified immunity for police officers was simply abolished? 

    (38:08) What is an ideal solution to fix this area of the law? 

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