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    56| Family Feud (Red At The Bone Review)


    On this week’s episode of MasterMind Podcast, Chris and Malia have a great conversation about sexuality, motherhood, classism and racism  with Chaneé Paterson, founder of Bring Your Own Book Club, LLC. During the conversation, the three review “Red At The Bone” by Jacqueline Woodson. Chaneé describes how her relationship with her mom compares to the mother and daughter in the book, Melody and Iris and what character she thinks didn’t show enough growth in the book. Chris breaks down the dynamic between grandmothers and grandchildren and explains how manhood should be measured. Malia gives examples of how self-identity is displayed in the book and what character she enjoyed learning about the most. When you’re done with this episode please leave a rating and review. If you missed our last episode, don’t worry, click here we got you! Make sure you’re following and subscribed to us on the following platforms to keep up with our lit reviews: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, Youtube, and Apple Podcast. Leave a rating and a review on Apple Podcast for our official MasterMind Podcast challenge. It’ll only take 2 minutes.