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    584: Parallels


    Celtics Stuff Live’s Justin Poulin and Jon Duke didn’t have a whole lot of Celtics news to pour over this week, but Team USA is filing the void quite nicely. A pair of wins against Japan and Greece put the Team USA into the World Cup quarterfinals, but it was the work of Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart that drew the CSL guys’ interest. If Smart can defend players like Giannis from time to time as he did against Greece on Saturday and Brown can rebound a bit, then the Death Squad lineup of Kemba, Brown, Hayward, Tatum, and Smart just might work.

    Before wrapping an abbreviated show to watch the Patriots opener, Justin wondered whether players forcing their way out, as Antonio Brown did this week, will become even more commonplace.

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    Justin Poulin

    Justin Poulin is a Clinical Operations Executive with Northfield Medical. He has over 20 years of experience in the Medical/Surgical industry both as a Registered Nurse and Sales Executive. He is the co-host of Beyond Clean and Celtics Stuff Live podcasts on the CLNS Media Network.