Mike Meltser Podcast

    60 – Chiefs Hammer Texans in TNF Opener


    The NFL season is back! Mike gives his thoughts on a disappointing 34-20 loss for the Texans at the hands of the Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs.

    (1:52) Why this was basically a “non-performance” by Houston

    (5:16) Why Mike believes the schedule is a major problem for this Texans team

    (10:04) The Texans matched up terribly with the Chiefs

    (11:29) Breaking down some of the key sequences in the game, particularly in the first half

    (18:50) The biggest issue for Houston was in the trenches

    (23:15) Why couldn’t the Texans hit big plays offensively?

    (29:20) Mike lists the few positives coming out of this Week 1 loss