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    Showtime with Coop: AC Green Changes Showtime
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    Coop’s former teammate AC Green joins Showtime to talk about when he used to eat Breakfast with the Showtime Lakers in college, his first experiences in joining Showtime, how he helped to change Showtime and then eventually how he brought Showtime back to the Lakers!

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    2:23 How did AC Green get into playing basketball, while growing up in Portland, Oregon.

    AC Green: “I was always the tagalong to the park. Mama always said ‘take your brother.'”

    6:08 How his future teammates inspired AC Green in college at Oregon State.

    7:14 The Lakers couldn’t get passed the hated Boston Celtics, did AC Green communicate with Jerry West before the Lakers ended up drafting him?

    8:25 Coop and AC Green reminisce on AC’s first Lakers training camp.

    13:20 The moment Michael Cooper knew that AC Green was going to contribute to the Lakers.

    15:21 When AC Green realized he had arrived.

    18:45 Based on AC’s religious background was it difficult to join the Showtime Lakers? 

    AC Green: “There’s no precursor to Showtime. There’s no prerequisite class you can take, nobody can tell you, you’ve just got to experience it.” 

    23:02 How AC Green helped to change the Showtime Lakers. 

    24:40 What is the most influential book to AC Green.

    26:31 Lighting round: One sentence each
    Karl Malone
    Jesus Christ
    Adrian Dantley
    John Salley
    Pat Riley
    Kevin McHale
    Jerry West
    Kobe Bryant

    29:55 Coop has a bone to pick with AC Green.

    34:19 How AC became the NBA’s ironman.

    36:10 How AC Green brought Showtime to the New Age Lakers with Kobe, Robert Horry, Shaq, etc.

    38:47 Best offensive players AC Green went up against in the NBA.

    42:38 AC Green lost to Jordan’s Bulls twice with the Lakers and the Phoenix Suns. Is he watching The Last Dance and what is his perspective on MJ’s Bulls.

    45:40 Would the Showtime Lakers have beaten the ’91 Bulls?

    47:31 What should the NBA do with the remainder of the 2020 season?


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