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    Amy’s Wacko For Flacco – Season 2, Episode 21


    (S2,E21) Jasmine and Amy start NFL news equally surprised at the outspokenness of Joe Flacco, leading them to have a newfound respect for the quarterback. Both ladies, including Bruce Arians, continue to ponder the impossible referee situation and their preposterous penalty calling.  Jasmine has to rethink her love for OBJ, and Amy finds herself owing Zeke an apology.  This weeks league results has both women wanting to rethink this whole fantasy football thing.  LSU overtakes the number one spot in college football, and our biggest Bama fan is not happy about it.  In WTF, Golden Tate is upset over a certain NFL player abandoning his sister’s pregnant golden tate.  The Above Ground Pool Award goes to a thieving Patriots fan, and Hells Yeah has us proud of a couple of our Dallas team owners being philanthropic.