Beyond Clean

    Are Screw Caddies Safe? Taking a Closer Look at Reprocessing Surgical Implants-Terry McAuley


    It’s the end of your shift, you’ve inspected and prepared what felt like thousands of tiny screws in an orthopedic tray. You grab the caddy, stand up, catch your foot on the anti-fatigue mat and the moment every tech dreads happens to you- the screw caddy falls and the screws are sent flying across the room… Orthopedic screw caddies are commonly used in healthcare facilities and on this week’s podcast episode, we talk with Terry McAuley, Director, STEAM Consulting Pty Ltd about the effects of repeated reprocessing on single-use screws in screw caddies. The Australian study discussed in this episode will shed some light on different perspectives on single-use, single-packaged implants. Listen now!

    Season 7 CEs are packaged in a single quiz that includes all eight episodes. The quiz can be accessed at beyondclean.net/ce-credit-hub.

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