Bob Ryan & Jeff Goodman Podcast

    Around the NBA: LeBron & Bronny Relationship + Bucks Streak Snapped + Commissioner David Stern


    Legendary Scribe, Bob Ryan & Iconic NBA Insider, Jeff Goodman take you on a tour of the NBA, the way THEY see it!

    After discussing their use of eye glasses(?), they start their NBA road trip. First stop is Milwaukee as they breakdown the most under discussed topic of this NBA season as the Bucks have their win streak halted at 18 games. Who know?

    Then a fast track to Cleveland where Jeff and Bob agree that the coaching cunundrum’s blame mainly lies with the Cavs front office.

    A pit-stop in LA has them talking LeBron and Bronny’s relationship. Dare we say, it kind of resembles Goodman’s BFF, Lavar Ball?

    Rounding out the roadie, Bob Ryan gives us the prefect tribute to the recovering David Stern, some one Mr. Ryan obviously knows quite well.


    The NBA fellas will be back next week with a holiday edition of the Ryan and Goodman NBA Podcast. Be sure to rate, subscribe and review on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and clnsmedia.com



    2:00 – David Stern Talk
    12:50 – Bucks Win Streak Snapped
    18:30 – How Bird embraced the 12th man (great story), Kevin and Larry Issues, McHale appreciated Bird’s entry passes to the post, LeBron vs Larry as all-time greatest passer, 
    21:00 – Bird vs LeBron: Of course LB could Play today > LeBron leading league ina assists this year.
    22:20 – Bucks Coaching 
    25:20 – Cavs, Beilein Situation- why haven’t the Cavs backed him up?
    32:30 – LeBron and Bronny
    34:01 – Bob Ryan dreams about Lavar Ball – LOL

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