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    Asian Century: China & Video Games Dominance Over U.S. a Possible Precursor of Things to Come

    Video games industry & culture are exponentially growing in America & China. A new poll looks at how great and its impact


    The question many Americans, including President Donald Trump himself seemingly ask every day is: Will China eventually surpass America as the global hegemon?

    They may have already.  And of all things, video games, may be leading the way.

    A new survey provided by Emerson Polling has full details on the public opinion of citizens both in China and the United States on not just the presence and opinion of video games and e-sports in their respective countries, but the impact it is having on their respective cultures as a whole.

    According to the data provided, China is not only superior to the United States in the industry, but by looking and analyzing the evidence with a third eye, one can easily come to some interesting conclusions.

    One being, that the massive popularity of video games may mean that the Chinese could potentially play a role in shaping the overall culture as the industry further permeates its way into everyone’s everyday lives.

    “The growth of e-sports in China took off much sooner than in the U.S,” said Emerson College professor Spencer Kimball.  “And because of that they have much more money being spent.”

    Presenting at the College E-Sports Expo in Boston, over one in every five Americans play more than six hours per week.  This is especially noteworthy considering that 60% of Americans believe they play too much, (via the latest Emerson College poll.)

    However, while Americans have seemingly spent the last 30 years debating at private and public levels whether the nation plays too many video games, whether the games are too violent, etc — the video game industry and competitive e-sports continues to expand and evolve.

    In fact, e-sports may very well become an event at the 2024 Summer Olympics.  Something that would’ve been seen as an affront to athletic competition a not too short time ago.

    With China’s greater collective commitment to the industry, there very likely will be some kind of impact at the global and even geopolitical level.

    Could it be another means of potentially ushering in the Asian Century that many leading trends experts seem to be forecasting?

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