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    Avoiding the Investment Noise

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    Avoid the noise during earning season! The financial media only draws on quarter over quarter numbers, which is not a great indicator of long term gains or success. Plus, beyond making the right investments, understanding the tax component of your investments is most important.


    :15 – :44

    The latest news on the Stimulus Package and the impact and volatility of the market because of the unknowns surrounding the stimulus package.

    :54 – 2:12

    The House Judiciary committee released a 450-page report on the 16th month investigation into the tech industry and the recommendations made by the government on the state of the competition in the digital economy. Plus the energy sector and Honda pulling out of Formula 1 to focus on the electric car market.

    2:22 – 3:31

    There will be no shortage of news that the financial media will be covering during earning season, so it’s important to avoid the noise because it’s far too short term to focus on.

     3:40 – 4:40

    Average Joe’s vs. Pros:

    Peloton is a great example: “This is typically what we see in earning season, is trying to anticipate the future, ‘What is popular in our network right now, should I invest in that.'”

    Would the Pro take advantage of this earning season because the volatility might be the perfect time?


    Justin Dyer, AWM Capital, Chief Investment Officer: “The quarter over quarter stuff is just noise and there are all these anecdotal statements over earning season.”


    Be tax aware: “After tax returns are what truly matters, that’s what people are going to spend at the end of the day, or give away.”


    Key takeaway: 

    Regardless of whoever wins the election: Trump or Biden there are going to be critical changes you will need to make to your portfolio based on taxs.


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