MasterMind Podcast

    BAG TALK: Real- Estate 101


    In this episode of MasterMind Podcast, Malia and Chris are joined by real estate agent, Kiana Williams, to discuss the importance of owning property for millennials. Kiana explains the reason why people should consider or not consider getting their real-estate license. Malia breaks down why she thinks homeownership is important. Chris fills the women in on what he’s looking for in a home and the app he’s been using to search for his dream home. The three also engage in a conversation centered around gentrification and red-lining, and how you can prepare yourseld to buy both personal and investment property. Honorable Mentions: first-time home buyers, income properties, real estate investing, Charlotte, North Carolina, Zillow. Missed our prior episode and want to catch up? Don’t worry, click here we got you! Make sure you’re following and subscribed to us on the following platforms to keep up with our lit reviews: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple Podcast.