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    Basketball Season is Heating Up, a Look Across the Entire NBA Landscape (BBALLBREAKDOWN podcast)

    A trip across the NBA landscape with Coach Nick and Danny LeRoux.


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    Coach Nick and his guest Danny LeRoux had a ton of topics to discuss in this edition of The BBall Breakdown Podcast.

    The crew starts off at looking at who the winner of the Victor Oladipo / Paul George trade was.  Oladipo has shined this season with an expanded role in Indiana, improving his shooting percentage to 48.4%. The Pacers are proving to be a playoff team  with Oladipo taking charge. In addition, Domantas Sabonis has mightily improved on glass and is a respectable scorer. Point Indiana.

    Another argument surfaced as well: Who should start in the All-Star game, Oladipo or Demar Derozan of the Toronto Raptors? We know the answer now is Derozan, but it certainly was a close call.

    Moving forward to the Oklahoma City Thunder’s defense, which has been struggling as of late.  Is it due to missing André Roberson? OKC has won just four out of the eight games he sat, while hovering around the thirteenth spot in defensive ratings. The Thunder certainly need him to return, as they rely on him and Steven Adams to put in work on the defensive end. Which is especially true when having Carmelo Anthony on the floor.

    Later, the importance of James Harden was brought up as he has missed the Rockets’ last seven games.  Houston is 4-3 in those contests. A bigger problem is the lack of production their lineup gets when Eric Gordon and Chris Paul are on the court without Harden.

    Finally, we take a look at what teams need to hit the reset button and what teams should stay the course.  New Orleans has seem to hit a wall of mediocrity, as well as the Wizards.  However, Danny is not sure it’s time to jump ship quite yet. Teams like the Raptors improved little by little each year and are poised for a deep playoff run.

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    Podcast Description:

    1:40 Who won the Paul George / Victor Oladipo trade?

    6:35 Should Oladipo or Derozan start in All-Star game?

    12:45 Importance of defense in the NBA

    19:50 Domantas Sabots underrated

    23:35 Houston Rockets talk

    29:30 New Orleans stuck in mediocrity. What teams should stay the course or blow it up

    38:01 End.

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