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    BECKY 3:16 or PREDATORY WINKS (Wrestling Soup 8/23/18)

    Today the boys get into the recent Kayfabe interview that Becky Lynch gave.


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    Jon Draper

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    The boys open up talking about the most recent p

    ay per view Summerslam. What is more important athleticism or strength?

    Gorilla Position show and Becky Lynch’s interview (9:18.)

    Joey Numbas thoughts on Summerslam and NXT (30:05.)

    Main event rush to go off air on Sunday (59:06.)

    Nikki Bella VS Ronda Rousey and the boys predictions (70:08.)

    Peyton Royce and Renee Young (74:36.)

    The SHIELD reforming as baby faces or maybe not (8:32.)

    Paige’s complaint about the TSA giving her unwanted attention at the terminal (84:11.)

    Miz and Mrs continues to skyrocket in the ratings (100:00.)

    Edge was a trend setter and is overrated (102:45.)

    Goldberg twitter account was hacked (118:34.)

    Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks supposably made an offer to CM Punk (122:30.)

    NWA and NJPW coming back as larger wrestling promotions (132:52.)


    Other Topics

    – Athleticism vs Skill
    – The Gorilla Position @WWEGP interview with Becky Lynch
    – Becky Lynch might be the first breakout womens wrestler
    – Joe comes back and reviews NXT Takeover and SummerSlam
    – Why EC3?
    – WWE NEEDS more R-Truths
    – End of Eric Rowans career?
    – Roman Reigns merch stats are a tactical lie
    – Nikki Bella and Rhonda title match @ Evolution
    – Roman Reigns of Nazereth
    – Paige was “wink” assaulted
    – Miz & Misses turns out to be a continuing delightful cornball show
    – Edge and Christian would have been gods in todays product
    – WWE Studios in-fighting
    – CM Punk is supposedly not “ALL IN”. Nut he probably will be.
    – Joe explains in further detail how ALL IN ends up being a scam
    – ALL IN is either Robocop or Pet Cemetary
    – Joe rips the chat and Johnny Florida’s (WNC Show) hopes and dreams apart.