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    Behind the Media Special Episode: The New Zealand Massacre


    Reporting on a disaster is never easy, and when it comes to a mass shooting it gets even harder. You want to let the public know the details, but what information is acceptable to share? In this special episode of Behind the Media, Dan talks about the the efforts of reporters in New Zealand and abroad, as well as the different ways this story is being shown across the world. Our hearts at Behind the Media go out to those affected by this tragedy.

    0:00 Intro

    4:00 Facebook Live: A tool for many things, but killing shouldn’t be one of them.

    8:00 How can we control this? Can we control this?

    12:30 Media outlets were very responsible with this.

    18:00 Is it sensitivity, or to prevent copycats?

    22:00 It’s a complex problem, one that can’t be solved overnight.

    27:00 Are we doing enough? Are we doing too little?

    31:00 Is there a solution?

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