Stuck in the 80's

    Episode 429: Behind the microphones at Stuck in the ’80s



    Stuck in the ’80s has been around nearly 13 years, but we still get questions from time to time from listeners who want to peek behind the curtain. Who are we? Why inspired us to talk about the ’80s for so long?

    In our latest episode, longtime listener (and occasional guest-host) “Gayle in DC” interviews the boys and asks all the burning questions: Do we ever regret sharing personal stories? Who’s still on our bucket list to interview? And why is Steve so mopey all the time?

    Gayle wanted to know, so she grilled Spearsy and Brad one night. The result? This only-slightly-edited episode with all the answers.

    It’s all the news that will fit into an hour-long episode of Stuck in the ’80s, sponsored by Barkbox.com. Listen to the show for a special offer from BarkBox for ’80s fans.