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    Being Prepared is Huge! | Shyla Collier | Own the Microphone with Bridgett McGowen


    Own The Microphone Episode 12

    Being Prepared is Huge!

    Guest: Shyla Collier

    This week’s guest on Own The Microphone is the owner of Premiere Social Media a worldwide marketing agency in Mesa Arizona, Shyla Collier. Shyla is also the author of the book “Social Media: Key to Credibility”. Bridgett and Shyla talk about making great slides for your presentations, preparing for presentations whether they are online or in person, and more. Shyla also offers FREE Marketing Consultation via Phone and FREE eBook to boost your likes.

    Connect with Shyla …
    All social media platforms, but Facebook is the best.



    How does Shyla Collier make such amazing slideshows for her presentations?


    What is Shyla Colliers number one strategy for presenting online?


    Whether it is online or in person, how do you make sure that your presentations are successful all of the time. 


    Growing up Shyla Collier always thought she would get into public speaking professionally. 


    Bridgett McGowan:  “Anything worth doing, worth improving yourself, making you just more of a standout person than you already are it’s going to require a little bit of hustle.”


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