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    This week’s episode of Day 1 Radio serves up a little bit of nostalgia as we reconnect with one of the guests on our first ever show back in late 2013, Problem. A lot has changed over the last seven years in his career and he talks about those changes with us. He also talks about his new film short “A Compton Story” and the new music that could be coming any day now. Hope this episode helps your quarantine feel less problematic (pun intended).

    3:30 – Problem recently dropped a new short “A Compton Story” on TIDAL. He explains why he felt this was the perfect time to drop, especially being an independent artist in a time where many artists signed to major deals are held up from dropping music.

    5:30 – Problem jumped headfirst into film production for this project and learned on the go with some help from a few legendary friends. He talks about the pleasant surprise of being surrounded by talented people and putting out a high-quality product. 
    11:00 – Problem talks about working with producer Terrace Martin on his new music and recalls a funny story where SCRATCH Magazine got them confused and made a big mistake. He also talks about the process of putting his new album together and picking what songs were featured in the short film.
    14:30 – Problem gets into the change of direction in his music. He made a living making ratchet and party music and was actually hesitant to show the full range of his music. He also reveals that it was hard to win over his own friends initially, but the truth in his music couldn’t be denied.
    19:15 – Problem talks about what has gone into him remaining independent instead of signing to a major record label. He also talks about how writing for other artists is what kept him motivated through the years where he wasn’t able to drop all of the different kinds of music he was capable of making.
    23:30 – Problem linked up with DJ Quik to drop Rosecrans a few years ago. Here he gets into how that changed how he approached producing music to this day. He also reveals that Quik told him that was some of the best music he produced in 15 years. He also talks about his dream to create an album with all of the Compton rappers including Kendrick Lamar, The Game, Buddy, Boogie, Dr. Dre, King Tee and Roddy Rich.
    26:30 – Problem never talked about gang affiliations in his music, and for good reason. He says that it wasn’t his truth and that gang banging is nothing to play with.
    29:45 – Problem talks about his involvement with Destination Crenshaw and shares the funny story about how he got thrust into the spotlight.
    32:30 – Problem talks about the big reveal he made on “A Compton Story.”

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