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    Biden’s Executive Orders, ESG Investing & Your Portfolio | AWM Insights | Financial and Investment News


    President Biden wasted no time making international news. With the third executive order of his new administration, President Joe Biden put the US back into the Paris Agreement. President Biden also pledge $2 Trillion toward creating a clean energy future. In tandem, Christina Figueres, the creator the Paris Agreement joins the board of Impossible Foods.

    With companies and governments focusing on climate change how should that impact the way you invest?

    Research shows the answer could mean higher returns with less risk. Sound too good to be true?

    Listen in on this week’s AWM Insights, as Erik, Brandon and Justin dive into what is ESG Investing, how it can potentially drive higher returns and what Biden’s future plans may mean to your portfolio.

    Episode Highlights

    • (03:49): Justin defines ESG Investing
    • (06:34): Erik discusses how, where, and what we invest in goes far beyond financial returns.
    • (10:12): Research shows there’s no financial trade-off in returns and actually demonstrates lower downside risk when implementing ESG Investing.
    • (12:56): Do you have a purpose of how we’re deploying your family’s capital?
    • (17:04): The advice you deserve. Evidence based.