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    Big BSF w/ Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde & Heem


    This week’s guests on Day 1 Radio are Benny the Butcher, Rick Hyde and Heem collectively known as Black Soprano Family aka B.S.F.. Fresh off the heels of signing a new deal with eONE and releasing their first single “Da Mob,” the trio checked in with us to give us a bit of their backstory and their plans to both stay in and widen the lane that the Griselda movement has created.

    2:00 – Benny and Rick Hyde talk about the connection to a certain type of people and why rap being a “young man’s game” is a false narrative.

    5:10 – BSF reveals what they plan to unleash after signing their deal with eONE and the statement they want to make. Benny also talks about stepping into the role of being a label boss and the unconventional methods he’s using to put out his crew’s music before his own major-label debut.

    8:40 – BSF’s new project will be a Gangsta Grillz release with DJ Drama. Benny gets into the backstory of how Griselda was originally working on a GG tape before the release of What Would Chine Gun Doand how the idea resurfaced as a BSF project. Each member then talks about their favorite GG mixtapes.

    13:30 – Here we get into BSF’s origins and how the three of them came together and started making music.

    15:30 – Benny lets it be known that BSF is not going to be Griselda Jr.

     18:30 – Benny talks about staying down and continuing to grind even when his music wasn’t getting national recognition. Says he was a good drug dealer, but a better rapper and that, plus local love, was what kept him going.

    21:45 – Rick Hyde shares his backstory of how he started off as a rapper as a teenager and then added making beats to his arsenal out of necessity.

    24:00 – Benny reps Buffalo to the fullest but tells us what cities outside of Buffalo were the first to hop on the Griselda wave.

    25:30 – BSF gets into how they plan on touching the fans without being able to move around during quarantine and how they view the time down as an opportunity to practice for when the shows open back up.

    27:00 – Benny says he isn’t looking to be a “cult leader” and looks forward to working with artists his fan base may not expect him to.

    28:30 – Benny has a deep history with Atlanta and the south, but musically, he’s held on to his Buffalo roots and he talks about how he was able to blend in but stand out at the same time. Rick Hyde Heem also chime in on what people should expect from their solo offerings in the future.

    36:00 – Benny talks about his upcoming albums with Hit-Boy and Harry Fraud.

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