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    What Big Challenges Await Celtics in Game Four?

    Adam Kaufman and Evan Valenti dish on the most trouble aspects of the Bucks sereies


    A Celtics comeback is not impossible. They don’t have to look too far for inspiration either. The Boston Bruins found themselves in a similar situation, down 2-1 to their opponent after winning Game One. The Killer B’s roared right back and now have control of the series. The Celtics certainly have enough talent to do so.

    However, the C’s have some things to tweak before we can start talking about evening this series up. That is the theme of this week’s Celtics Beat. Host Adam Kaufman and producer Evan Valenti go back-and-forth about the biggest issues facing Boston heading into Game Four.

    Can the Celtics Survive With Jaylen Brown Playing as the Team’s Best Player?

    Admit it: Jaylen is the best player on Boston’s roster right now. Or he’s at least playing like it. He reached double figures in points in all three games of this series. Outside of some, let’s say interesting foul calls his defense is superb. And he’s certainly not “Fearing the Deer”, including the biggest buck of the bachelor herd. Frankly, I find Jaylen’s disdain for Giannis’ rim defense hysterical.

    This is nothing new for the former California Bear either. Before he went down with the leg injury Jaylen routinely burned the Bucks in the first round of last year’s playoffs. He had arguably the best games of his career in games two and four in that series.

    However, can the C’s advance with him leading the way? I highly doubt it.

    As much as I love Jaylen this series is truly about Kyrie Irving and his basketball wizardry. If you’re going to take down one of the top-five players in the league you’re going to need someone that can dominate a game like Giannis can. Kyrie is the only person on the roster capable of keeping up.

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