Is the Big-Ten the Deepest Conference in America?

    Mike DeCourcy joins Jeff to talk about the best conference in America


    Fresh off a podcast about the volatility of this year’s Big-12 Conference, Jeff Goodman welcomes Mike DeCourcy to touch on the Big-Ten. The conference has nine teams with four losses or less. Matt Painter’s Purdue squad is tough again this year. Nebraska is tough at home this year. Even Northwestern has ten wins and almost four guys that average ten points per game. It is a DEEP conference that tends to swallow itself whole. Playing in the Big-Ten is a physical battle every night. But can the Big-Ten get eight, nine, or even ten teams into the field come March? It’s certainly possible. Michigan, Michigan State, and Ohio State are all top-tier teams. But can the others break the bubble?

    Speaking of Ohio State both guys are curious where Thad Matta is. One of the best coaches of his generation left the game a few years ago because of health concerns. Are those concerns over? Furthermore where would Matta fit in as a head coach again?

    Meanwhile there are other storylines from other conferences. Why aren’t we talking more about Marquette’s Markus Howard? Why is the UCLA job so hard? Both Mike and Jeff agree that it is among the hardest head coaching jobs in the country. What kind of person is perfect for that role? And of course you cannot mention UCLA, or any head coaching vacancy at a blue blood school, without mentioning Rick Pitino.

    Finally the two wrap up with a couple of fun stories, including some about Kenyon Martin.

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    17:49 NCAA Coaches that have called you out

    21:39 Does Thad Matta coach again?

    27:24 Could the Big-Ten get ten teams to the big dance

    29:22 Why aren’t we talking about Markus Howard?

    34:00 Why is the UCLA job so hard?