Black Panther Review And How To Sneak Food Into The Movies (Podcast)

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     The guys review Black Panther

    Black Panther is a Marvel superhero movie about the king of  Wakanda, which is hidden from the rest of the world in Africa and uses it’s advanced technology to hide and stay away from the rest of the world. The new king, T’Challa, faces challenges on how he is the real black panther superhero and the real king. The guys like it. That means a lot because D.J. isn’t a superhero kind of guy.

    Has anyone seen Dunkirk?

    D.J. doesn’t remember a single thing about Dunkirk, which isn’t good for him. Maybe someone can remind him? All he knows is someone dies in a boat. Close right? But how do you review a movie not knowing anything about it?

    The Shape of Water review

    Now that’s a movie that D.J. remembers every scene for. He could tell you what happens in every single scene and you will either be very impressed or worried.

    Don’t see The Post

    Pete say and he hated it. Apparently he fell asleep. The movie the Washington Post breaking the Pentagon Papers and well neither of the guys liked it.

    More Paddington talk

    You thought you had heard the last of the Paddington talk didn’t you? Well you are wrong! Thankfully there is more because how could you go any longer without more Paddington talk? Well rest easy now!

    Have you ever tried sneaking food into the movies?

    D.J. surprisingly isn’t a fan of sneaking stuff into movies, mostly because he doesn’t know how much you really save by doing that. Clearly he hasn’t seen the prices for snacks at the movies. Plus, you can sneak in anything when you bring it from the outside, like Doritos, Twizzlers, and anything your heart desires. We leave in a truly wonderful time folks. You should still buy popcorn though. That’s a necessity.