Blessing that Jaylen Brown ambitions will happen with Celtics

    Plenty to chew on from Jaylen Brown's recent podcast appearance.


    Jaylen Brown is already a vegan and took challenging classes at California. He’s interested in social activism, such as how LeBron James led an effort to build a school for children needing an opportunity in his old community. At the moment, Brown’s beginning to work on a book.

    It shouldn’t be shocking or new that a basketball player has ambitions off the court, it’s becoming increasingly common and is now even more possible with affluent salaries across the league. Players now have the tools to become rounded individuals, but Brown’s pursuits exceed expectations.

    Nick Gelso, who saw Brown deliver a speech at Harvard during this past season, gave Brown credit for his ability to put himself outside of his comfort zone at such a young age. It’s something Brown seems to embrace.

    As for if he could go vegan himself, “get the F out of here,” Gelso said.

    Though Brown isn’t entirely the heady, hyper-intellectual type. As he noted in his podcast with C.J. McCollum, he’ll eat chicken wings when he gets the craving.

    This week on the CelticsBlog Pod we broke down the fantastic array of commentary on basketball and life that Brown provided in his podcast appearance last week. It’s becoming increasingly evident how lucky the Celts are not only to have his basketball talents — as he wants to increase his free throw percentage and dribbling ability next year — but also his ambition that figures to produce incredible things out of Boston in the future.

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