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    LeBron’s NBA vs the ‘Glory Years’ with Bob Ryan – Garden Report

    During Bob Ryan's recent appearance on the Garden Report, a historical conversation drifted to Kyrie Irving. Bob gives the Nets a big warning...


    As NBA “silly season” turns to Summer League, the trending news and unprecedented player movement has slowed and left a void in the NBA, Celtics Twitter sphere.

    Looking for topics to troll? Search no further than Nick Gelso, Ty Ray or Bob Ryan’s twitter timelines. Fans looking for troll bait have shifted their torturous topics to ”Debating” the health of LeBron’s NBA vs that of decades past.


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    To settle the debate, CLNS turns to the NBA’s Hall of Fame scribe, Bob Ryan himself.

    This episode of the Garden Report examines the ABA/NBA merger, the integration of ABA players & how they altered the style of play, the introduction of the 3-point shot & how teams used it in the offensive schemes (or not).

    Lastly, Ryan warns the Brooklyn Nets about what they’re getting with Kyrie Irving off the court. Does it outweigh his positive contributions of the court?



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