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    The Boston Bruins Blow Away The Pittsburgh Penguins 8-4 | David Krejci Nets Hat Trick

    The Boston Bruins dismantled the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins 8-4 with a dazzling display of offense that lit up TD Garden Thursday.


    The Boston Bruins 8-4 victory over the Pittsburgh Penguins was remarkable in more ways than just what was on teh scoreboard. It’s what wasn’t on the scoreboard that is perhaps most intriguing. No points for Sidney Crosby. No goals, no assists, four shots on goal. This, in a game against one of the best teams in the Eastern Conference? Against one of his team’s chief rivals? Crosby all but disappeared in the blowout at the hands of the Boston Bruins. How does a player as great and accomplished as CRoby pull a no-show in a game of this magnitude. Granted, this was not a playoff game, but it sure felt like a playoff preliminary game. The intensity and pace was incredible, not to mention the scoring pace.

    The Penguins could have certainly used Crosby’s skills and scoring talent tonight. His fellow stars, Evgeni Malkin and Phil Kessel did their part, but where was Sid the Kid? His nemesis Patrice Bergeron even did him a solid and sat out with a broken foot. One would think Croby was salivating as the prospect of being able to skate, shoot, and pass without number 37 hassling and haraunging him to no end.

    Maybe that is just it, he didn’t have his counterpart on the Bruins to drive him and push him to achieve. Perhaps Sid needs Bergy slowing him down to get his game going against the Bruins. Maybe Sid just missed his Team Canada linemate and spent the 60 minutes pining for Bergy to be out there facing off against him.

    Sometimes the great ones need the competition to spur them on to great heights.

    Think of how Larry Bird and Magic Johnson pushed each other to achieve, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, too.

    However, if these two teams face each other in the playoffs, and here is hoping they do, barring injury or illness, you can bet Sidney Crosby will show up and be great.