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    Breaking Down Cam Reddish, Jarret Culver, Darius Garland, And DeAndre Hunter As Lakers Draft Options


    The basketball gods smiled upon the Los Angeles Lakers during the draft lottery, allowing them to jump up from the 11th pick to the fourth. As a result, the Lakers now have a much stronger asset at their disposal as they prepare to embark upon a massively important offseason.

    On this episode of the LN Podcast, host Trevor Lane is joined by draft expert Corey Hansford to take a look at what the Lakers may do with their pick. While most are expecting them to attempt to trade it in order to land a win-now piece that fits the timeline of LeBron James, there are some truly intriguing candidates should they decide to hang onto it.

    We break down the pros and cons of four of the potential draftees: Cam Reddish, Jarret Culver, DeAndre Hunter, and Darius Garland. All of them bring some exceptional skills to the table but are any of them enough to convince the Lakers to keep the pick?

    A player like Reddish comes with plenty of question marks after a somewhat disappointing campaign at Duke, but his talent is undeniable. Culver can do plenty of attractive things but his shooting could be a real concern. Hunter could have problems finding minutes in a crowded Lakers frontcourt and may have the lowest ceiling of the bunch. Meanwhile, Garland is intriguing, but a risk given that he played just five games for Vanderbilt due to injury.

    With so many question marks, should the Lakers take the risk and add to their young core or focus on building around James?

    Plus, we dig into the possibility of trading back in the draft and what that could yield for the team.