Democrats Hold Shocking Lead for ANOTHER Senate Seat Held by GOP

    Democrats Now Seem Poised to Capture Both the House and Senate Away from Donald Trump & Republicans


    Democrats Now Seem Poised to Capture Both the House and Senate Away from Donald Trump & Republicans


    More bad news for the GOP: A Senate seat situated firmly in a red state now seems to be more than in play for the Democrats.

    A new poll provided by Emerson Polling, the most accurate polling agency in the nation, has the Democrats possessing a stunning lead for Bob Corker’s Tennessee Senate seat.

    “A lot of people thought when Bob Corker retired it would be a safe Republican seat,” said Emerson College Prof. Spencer Kimball in an exclusive interview with CLNS Media.  “And a lot of the eyes have been on North Dakota, Missouri, West Virginia, Montana, Florida, Nevada, Arizona, and I’m going to suggest that we keep an eye on Tennessee.”

    Why? Well the latest Emerson College e-Poll has former Governor, Phil Bredesen (D), with a 43-37% lead over Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn (R).

    And according to Kimball, one of the most noted political science professors in the country, the underlying numbers seemingly back up today’s stunning Emerson e-Poll.

    “[Bredesen] is getting 20% of Republican votes and being a potential bipartisan type of candidate. And getting that support is not happening from [Marsha] Blackburn who’s only getting 10% of the Democratic vote.

    Of course, Tennessee is a more Republican state than a Democratic state, so Bredesen will probably have to do a little bit better with Republicans, but he’s winning the independent vote 44-27,” Kimball said.

    The wildcard in all of this?

    Of course: President Donald Trump.

    The latest Emerson e-Poll also has numbers on his approval rating in Tennessee.  Now, how does Trump, Blackburn, and the GOP utilize this to their advantage and lay forth a strategy to hold onto this all-important Senate seat?

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