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    Coach Nick looks back at the Insanity of the NBA Trade Deadline – BBALL BREAKDOWN Podcast

    Coach Nick is joined by Dave Dufour to talk about the ridiculousness of the NBA Trade Deadline!


    How did the Cavaliers pull off this insanity? Can anyone compete with them in the East? What about all the other trades made today? The only question left is: You in?

    The Cavaliers got right back into relevancy with a stunning set of trades, completely revamping their roster for one last shot at a title before LeBron potentially leaves. In addition, Dwyane Wade asked to be traded back to Miami, Rodney Hood and George Hill get into the starting lineup, and Jordan Clarkson and Larry Nance get the chance to go deeper in the playoffs than they’ve ever done before. Plus, Cleveland absolutely improves on the defensive end where they struggled and are set up for another run at a title. Moreover the NBA All-Star break will give newcomers time to adapt and interact.

    Not to mention, it was interesting to see the Celtics stay idle on such an eventful day.

    Additionally, there were a ton of OTHER trades we went through as well!

    Full details available on this week’s Bball Breakdown NBA Podcast


    1:00 Cavaliers Trades

    17:05 Who will Lakers go after this offseason?

    19:44 Fan questions

    46:34 End

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