Marinofsky: Sweeney Must Pick Between Carlo & McAvoy or Krug Next Year

    Evan Marinofsky and Matt Castle discussed Don Sweeney's big decision in the latest Bruins Beat


    In this week’s edition of Bruins Beat, host Evan Marinofsky and guest Matt Castle, Bruins Daily’s Boston Bruins reporter,  assessed the Bruins salary cap situation for the approaching season and peeked a little at the seasons down the line.

    Evaluating that the Bruins may be in cap-space hell very soon, Marinofsky pointed out a distasteful inevitability the franchise might have to face with the growing price of contracts: that the team may not be able to keep Torey Krug.

    “I think another thing a lot of people are forgetting: You have to resign Carlo and McAvoy, who are projected to be at least about $9 to $10 million a year combined,” Marinofsky said. “And next year, Torey Krug is an unrestricted free agent.”

    Krug’s contract has sat at an annual cap space of $5.25 million each year since his signing in 2016. That will undeniably go up when it comes time to write up a new paycheck; Krug’s value increased this last season when he became the quarterback for a dominant Bruins power play. “In the future, with the point production he’s had, he’s probably going to make north of $7 million.” Marinofsky said.

    “He’s going to be requiring a lot of money, and that’s gonna require even more salary cap maneuvering. Which makes me think: Sweeney has a decision. It’s either Carlo and McAvoy or Krug.”

    Before signing Carlo and McAvoy this offseason, the Bruins currently have approximately $8.1 million of salary cap space left. Along with Krug’s contract ending in 2020, up-and-coming winger Jake DeBrusk will need a new contract after his entry-level contract, worth only an average of $863,333 a year, ends.

    Both Castle and Marinofsky agreed that the answer is to keep Carlo and McAvoy. “If I was a general manager—which I’m not—I’m definitely keeping McAvoy. I think that kid’s a stud; he’s one of the best skaters on this team.

    “McAvoy is the defensive face of the franchise for the next decade,” Castle said.

    McAvoy is only 21 years old; Krug, on the other hand, is 28. He’s already spent seven years with the team and has contributed heavily, but these next few years could the best for such a productive defenseman.

    “I don’t think anybody wants to trade Torey Krug,” Marinofsky said. “But if you look more and more at the salary cap, they might have to trade Torey Krug.”