Brunch airs their grievances (podcast)

    DJ Bean and Pete Blackburn are back, having brunch and trying to make up....


    Let’s clear the air

    D.J. has some sort of rash that makes him miss a show, and Pete is upset. This seems to bring up some issues that they have been having lately (don’t worry everything is fine). Also D.J. needs to learn the appropriate amount of NyQuill to take. And D.J. was texting Pete’s girlfriend.

    Pete wins a special trip

    Pete enters a contest to win two tickets to the NHL All-Stars game in Tampa this year and wins it! However he won’t be taking D.J. It’s just a little fight.

    D.J. decides to boycott Grammys

    Now that he is going to Minneapolis, D.J. realizes that he is going to miss the Grammys, but then decided that he is going to boycott them this year because of Lorde. Also “pedal to the metal” but why is that even an expression?

    Is D.J. supposed with Jayson Tatum?

    Let’s be real Jayson Tatum is a great player, and as D.J. likes to point often he is only 19. But D.J. has a lot of Tatum jerseys and is in the process of making a custom one (Spoiler alert; it’s going to set the NBA twitter on fire)

    Eye doctors can come to your house!

    Isn’t it such a great time to be alive? We can have people who spend millions of dollars to get an education and they will come to us! D.J and Pete spend a long time advertising RXbar

    Is Crashing the best show ever?

    Pete and D.J. are both in agreement that “Crashing” is the best show they have ever seen. If you haven’t seen it, watch it.

    Pats advance to the Super Bowl

    Can you believe that pass deflection that Stephon Gilmore had? Neither could Pete or D.J. Now the Pats advance to Minnesota.