Brunch Gives Oscar Picks and Predictions (podcast)


    Oscar picks with special guest Randy Havens

    After all the reviews, and all the time spent in theaters, DJ and Pete give their beliefs on what movies they think will win what awards. Is there anything worse than when someone gives too long a speech or if they don’t have a speech ready? Probably not. The guys will go through each category, and they will say what movies they think will win. Not only will they do that, but they will mention what movies they think SHOULD win. That’s going to be a fun segment. Also, still not sure which one is DJ and which is Pete? Take to twitter then! Or guess, that always works. Randy Havens from Stranger Things and Logan Lucky joins the show

    Oscar snubs?

    As Randy joins the show, DJ and Pete mention how Logan Lucky is a snub. Any other movies that you think got snubbed. Tweet the show or DJ and Pete so they can hear your voice (maybe they care, maybe they don’t). Randy Havens gives his thoughts on what he thinks will win awards. Do DJ and Randy have a favorite movie? And will we ever see Daniel Day Lewis ever again? Is everyone to uptight about bad people? Is there an uncomfortale scene in Three Billboards with some pretty bad words? Will DJ lose his mind if the Post wins? So many questions, not many answers. All the answers will come on Oscar night.

    Top 10

    Want to know what each guy had at his top ten? Well then you’ll have to listen to the podcast! The guys don’t agree on all of these rankings, and things might get tense. How did Logan Lucky not get an award? Does Randy Havens snub himself when it comes to movies? Wind River is considered a snub.