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    Brunch Movie Review: Darkest Hour (podcast)

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    It’s movie review time!

    The guys set their sight on another movie, and this time they turn their attention to the second movie about the battle of Dunkirk, Darkest Hour. The guys but it through their infamous test to rate a movie and see if it’s any good. They like to say that Darkest Hour is the lamer version of Dunkirk. Think of it like a book vs a movie. It seems like Pete wants to be Churchill as a life goal. Not the hard parts, but the part where you can eat and drink in bed. Also it’s hard to have character development of someone we know is a good guy. Oh well. DJ can’t seem to actually get the name of the movie right. And he just watched it. Sorry, can’t swing it.

    Darkest Hour

    This movie is a true story about WWII and how Winston Churchill (played by Gary Oldman) and how he had to explore a peace treaty with the Nazis or if he should stand up for what he believes. The movie is being nominated for best picture, Best Actor for Gary Oldman, and Best Cinemotography. The guys will discuss if this movie is deserving of all the praise it is getting. Be warned, this is a pretty heavy and long movie (a little over 2 hours) so be ready.

    The famous rating system

    In case anyone forgot (how could you, it’s a world famous rating system) here is the guys famous rating system

    1. Did we like it?
    2. How did everyone look?
    3. Will we steal stuff from it?
    4. Is it problematic?

    If you want to know how the guys answered these questions, then you have to listen to the podcast! No spoilers here!