Brunch Reacts to Oscar Night (Podcast)


    It’s Monday folks!

    Happy Monday everyone! DJ and Pete react to the Oscars last night, and DJ starts your least favorite day off by giving a hot take on why Lady Bird didn’t win Best Picture, and it’s not why most people think. Get Out did win and the guys were very excited about it. Would Lady Bird have won if the academy had more women? Well the guys can’t say for sure, but they can agree that Lady Bird was not better than Get Out.

    Oscar reactions

    It’s the day after the Oscars so the guys take you through the event, and what they thought about it. Not everyone was able to win an Oscar, and not every movie won. Have no fear, DJ and Pete will search high and low for the answers you desperately need. Gary Oldman won an award and the guys don’t seem all to excited about it, and DJ learns some troubling news about Oldman. The guys compare winning awards to the NHL awards, and use it as an excuse to mention how awesome Patrice Bergeron is. I don’t think anyone will complain about that. DJ is a Three Billboards truther (a new word, coming to Webster’s soon). DJ and Pete can relate to Lady Bird in an interesting way you wouldn’t expect. Pete hates people who are award show twitter haters. So careful what tweet at him. DJ likes to make fun of Star Wars fans. That’s going to upset some people.

    Timothee Chalamet

    How awesome is it to win an award at a young age like Timothee? Well DJ and Pete daydream about what it’s like and how awesome his life is. Must be really nice, huh?

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