Brunch Review ‘Phantom Thread’ (Podcast)


    A review episode

    Today’s episode is another review of an Oscar nominated movie, Phantom Thread. DJ and Pete discuss what the movie felt like to them and how it made them feel. DJ opens up about his life goal which the movie made him realize. See if you can guess what it is. DJ thinks the main character is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Or maybe he’s even cooler than that. Either way DJ really likes him. Pete let the movie grow on him but you’ll have to listen to the podcast to see where it landed for him. DJ had to leave halfway through the movie due to annoying kids and old people. Just another day in DJ’s life.

    Phantom Thread plot

    Phantom Thread is a movie set in 1950’s London, where fashion designer Reynolds Woodcock is a dress maker for the wealthy. Reynolds sister controls the day-to-day aspects of the business. Reynolds is haunted by his mothers death and sews messages that he hides in the dresses he makes. The movie stars Daniel Day-Lewis who was nominated for best actor in his role. The movie is also nominated for Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Supporting Actress in Lesley Manville

    Brunch Movie Rating

    As fans of the show know, Brunch has a world famous rating system for determining how they felt about a movie. In case you have never listened to Brunch or you just happen to forget, here is the system!

    1. Did we like it?
    2. How did everyone look?
    3. Will we steal stuff from it?
    4. Is it problematic?

    Want to know how the guys felt about it? Listen in to find out! You won’t find the answer here! What do you fans of the movie? Let the guys know by tweeting at them! They will definitely love it.