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    CARDI B LOVE MUSIC or WHAAAAA? (Wrestling Soup 4/12/18)

    Mish and Joe cover the fallout from Wrestlemania 34, Paige's movie and retirement, and more.


    Today Mish and Joey revisit this past weekends Wrestlemania and Rusev’s departure from WWE. Don’t forget to check out our sponsor fourhims.com and help support Wrestling Soup. Wrestling Soup customer get a trial month for five dollars fourhims.com/wrestlingsoup for your trial. Visit wrestlingsoup.com and leave a voicemail. Make sure you follow us on twitter @wrestleingsoup @joenumbas @iamjondraper.

    The boys start out the show talking about the recovery after Wrestlemania 34 and Mish changes his mind about giving it a rating of a seven. They ask the question: “Why is the Rock involving himself with the Paige movie”? The difference between AJ Lee and Paige for better or worse (9:55.) Who do you think would have made a better documentary? The era of wrestling when they fired people (13:02.) Paige’s retirement and then return, the next night to Smackdown as the General Manager (14:45.) Is this a way for Shane McMahon to go away for a little bit? Did Shane really belong on the Wrestlemania card? Rusev on his way out from WWE (21:32.) The other show that happened over Wrestlemania weekend Joey Janela’s Spring Break (26:41.) Further thoughts on Wrestlemania, Mish’s favorite, Charlotte vs Asuka, The Iconic Duo’s call-up, Carmella’s cash in, and the dumb refs who do it (32:35.) WWE going back to their old ways when it involves the women’s division (45:30.) Nicholas as the WWE Tag Team Champion (47:09.) Authors of Pain debut on RAW (54:45.) No Way Jose debut on RAW (64:14.) Alicia Fox getting into an argument with Ronda Rousey’s husband (66:48.) Alicia Fox and Larry Zebisko dating? (69:06.) The return of Bobby Lashley (79:16.) More NXT call-ups and returns to the WWE roster (94:07.) WWE hypocritical views and business practices (99:33.) Brock Lesnar’s remarks from UFC about gay people (102:40.) Can you hold someone accountable for something they said a long time ago? Brock’s flip out after his performance at Wrestlemania with Vince McMahon (110:05.) Brock Lesnar vs Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania (112:37.) FOX becoming a real contender to get RAW and Smackdown on to their programming (114:29.) Harry Smith throws hot coffee in Jake Robert’s face and Honky Tonk Man is to blame (121:45.) Alberto Del Rio fired from TNA aka Impact (126:22.) WWE broke a new record in WWE Network subscriptions (126:52.) Andre the Giant documentary on HBO (127:22.) Jerry Lawler had a stroke (128:46.) Thank you to all the patreons.

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