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    December is in full swing, and boy do we have a lot to talk about! For starters, Supercell released their brand new, hit mobile-game, “Brawl Stars” to the global market! If that wasn’t enough, the Clash Royale team was busy working on the December Update, which was released earlier this month! Join us this week, as we discuss the new game, the December Update, the changing meta, and more. Oh, we also spotlight a Brawl inspired deck that “splashed” its way into the arena with the new update. Some may call it Splash Yard 2.0 – We call it Brawl Yard. Boom!

    Go to http://www.castroyalepodcast.com/075:-brawl-yard/(opens in a new tab) for the full show notes.

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    Cast Royale is a bi-weekly podcast on the hit Supercell mobile game Clash Royale. At the helm are brothers Rob & Joe, two casual Clashers who have an appetite for delivering news & hot discussions, relevant tips & strategies, chest openings, deck spotlights, and so much more. They are even family-friendly so you can listen with people of all ages! This is the Clash Royale podcast for casual players, and we are here to help players learn, grow, and play together. See you in the arena!