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    Cedric Maxwell: Celtics Should Trade Tatum for Davis

    It's Cedric Maxwell. I know you're going to listen


    Boston Celtics legend Cedric Maxwell joins Adam on this week’s show and it took about two minutes to get Adam laughing. Max tells his fondest memories playing in the NBA on New Year’s Day. Maybe getting into a drinking contest with Larry Bird the day before a game is not the wisest decision?

    “He drinks like a fish,” says Maxwell. “Next thing I know I’m on the side of the road feeding the animals I was so sick!”

    One of the most noteworthy topics amongst Green Teamers this week is the play of Gordon Hayward. Hayward dropped a season-high 35 points against the Minnesota Timberwolves Wednesday night on remarkable efficiency. And for those that study the game a little bit further Hayward’s aggressiveness in that game really stood out. He was dunking off both legs, probing the defense as a facilitator, shooting three-point shots off the dribble, looking a little bit like his former self. Does Max agree?

    However, it’s not the first time Hayward has exploded against Minnesota. Marcus Smart takes a little credit for the first one, noting that he egged Gordon on during practice to get a rise out of him. It’s no secret that Smart contributes to winning basketball games. Max argues that no one in the history of the C’s has done more to win games without scoring than Marcus. His energy in infectious. His attitude defines the culture. And you cannot argue that his insertion into the starting lineup has changed the season significantly. Is he the unofficial captain of the team?

    And finally, it wouldn’t be a Celtics podcast without mentioning a trade for Anthony Davis. How far would Max go to get The Brow to Boston? Who is on the table? Did you read the title of the blog? Did it give it away? Well guess WHO ELSE would put Tatum in a trade for Davis? You’ll never guess!

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    5:10 I’m starting to see a little bit of the old Gordon Hayward

    10:33 Smart is the unofficial captain of the Celtics

    18:04 Will the Celtics pay Marcus Morris?

    32:53 Max’s thoughts on LeBron’s comments

    41:58 Max would trade Tatum for Anthony Davis