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    Celtics 2019-2020 Season Predictions

    What's going to happen? Who knows. But we can try, right?


    The Boston Celtics kickoff their preseason slate on Sunday against the Charlotte Terry Roziers (ugh, fine, the Charlotte Hornets). And with a new season on the horizon it’s time to get some predictions out for the season. Adam Kaufman and the C’s reporter Marc D’Amico hash out some of the more important seasonal awards.

    Celtics MVP:

    So yeah, this is a relatively easy one. Marc sided with Jayson Tatum, Adam stuck with Kemba Walker. Those are really the only two legitimate choices, unless you want to count Gordon Hayward.

    In this particular scenario I think Walker is the answer. A lot of what the Celtics do this season is predicated on what Tatum brings to the table in year three. IF Tatum blossoms into an All Star then Boston’s ceiling changes. However, if he doesn’t they might not make it out of the second round.

    Regardless, we’ve all seen what point guards can do in a Brad Stevens system. Isaiah Thomas vaulted himself into the MVP conversation. As annoying as Kyrie’s antics were he was still dazzling to watch for the majority of his tenure. I see a similar future for Kemba.

    Rookie of the Year:

    I don’t really have to get into this too much because I feel like this is a slam dunk. Both Adam and Marc agreed it’s Grant Williams. I’m with them. Grant Williams is Marcus Smart but just a little taller.

    Sixth Man of the Year:

    This is tough because it all revolves around who you think the starters are. Marc and Adam both picked Marcus Smart as their picks. I disagree because I think Smart is going to start. Additionally, I think that Hayward gets a starting nod as well. My pick is Jaylen Brown because I think he’s going to take control of that second unit and run with it. The correct answer is whichever of the Smart, Jaylen, Hayward crowd that is not in the starting unit.

    Leading Scorer:

    Kemba. Next?

    Best New-Comer:

    Marc went with Kemba Walker, which is the really easy pick. Non-Kemba division D’Amico chose Grant Williams instead. Adam selected Enes Kanter, which could end up being the choice given his rebounding prowess. The Celtics haven’t had a great rebounder since Kevin Garnett.

    However, I’m going to go way off the board here. International even. Vincent Poirier could end up being a big player on this team because of the void at center. There are a lot of minutes to go around and I think any one of the ones on the roster could end up with the bulk of them. This is a straight value play.

    How Many All Stars:

    Two. Jayson and Kemba. Hayward could be in the mix and Boston’s chances of making the NBA Finals takes a significant leap if Hayward does make the team.

    Most Improved:

    The final one I will answer in this blog. I’m going to stick to my guns on one of my boldest predictions:

    I think Semi Ojeleye wins this award. Brad mentioned last year that he wishes he could have gotten Semi more minutes, but couldn’t because of the logjam at the position. With more minutes you’ll start to see how flexible Ojeleye is on the defensive side of the floor. Offensively he won’t be asked to do too much, but as long as he can hit open shots his value skyrockets.

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