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    Celtics Beat 248: Dan Greenberg | Boston Celtics 2018 Trade Primer

    Dan Greenberg covers the Boston Celtics for Barstool Sports


    Join Barstool Sports’ Dan Greenberg and Evan Valenti on this week’s Celtics Beat to get ready for the NBA Trade Deadline. Terry Rozier played extremely well filling in for Kyrie Irving. Do the C’s have to make a decision between Rozier and Marcus Smart before the year is over. What does Marcus give you that Terry does not? Does Rozier have the higher ceiling? Can the two players exist in Boston in the future? What does newly acquired Greg Monroe bring to the table. All that and MORE covered in this week’s episode.


    2:02 Marcus Smart vs Terry Rozier

    6:00 Smart as a defensive unicorn

    17:38 Rozier’s advantage over Smart

    22:10 Early reaction to Greg Monroe

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