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    Celtics Beat 261: Boston Celtics Handle The Process in Game One

    Can the Celtics actually keep this up?


    A two-for-one special on this week’s Celtics Beat!

    Tom Westerholm and Jessica Camerato join the show to discuss Boston’s beatdown of the 76ers in Game One. Al Horford dominated both ends again. Does Philly have any chance of stopping him on the offensive end? Is he the most important player for the Celtics this series? Meanwhile Terry Rozier fooled around and swung Game One by drilling seven three’s. Where is this confidence coming from? Can the C’s rely on him outside of the TD Garden.

    In addition, you could not have a decent discussion about this series without mentioning the rookies. We can all agree: Jayson Tatum versus Ben Simmons (versus Donovan Mitchell) is the next big player rivalry. But both players are under different instructions. How that not only shapes their Rookie of the Year candidacies, but also their entire careers.

    Get an inside look at both sides of this match up with Tom (Celtics-MassLive) and Jess (76ers-NBC Sports Philadelphia) in this week’s episode powered by Mack Weldon and HIMS.

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    10:12 Al Horford continues to dominate

    19:40 Jayson Tatum evolves every game

    26:50 How the Celtics exploited the 76ers in Game One

    40:55 Embiid is an animal

    46:30 Ben Simmons is on a different developmental path