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    Celtics Have Best Offer for Pelicans Anthony Davis

    Brow wants OUT. What's next?!


    ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski broke the internet Monday morning with an Anthony Davis trade request. It’s official: the Brow wants out of New Orleans. And that is good news for Celtics fans. Because of the big news, and the big game between Golden State and Boston on Saturday, Adam Kaufman brought in a big guest, The Action Network’s Matt Moore.

    It did not take long for fans, media members, anyone to connect the Lakers to Davis. His agent is Rich Paul, who happens to be LeBron’s agent as well. But despite that Moore believes the Lakers potential package for the Pelicans big man does not stack up to other potential offers. The Celtics have the right amount of young players, future draft picks, and salary filler to accomplish this trade. The only caveat is they have to wait until June to do so. Whichever team lands Zion Williamson will have a chance to make this trade as well (looking at you, Knicks). Could the Bucks entice the Pelicans enough? How about the Clippers? There is a chance that Brow ends up in LA, but playing for the other team.

    Furthermore, if Boston can offer the best package what does that look like? The Lakers do not have a player with the current production and upside of Jayson Tatum. Unlike any of the players donning purple and gold, Tatum has had success in the playoffs. He is younger than Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma. He’s already in Nike commercials, promoting the new Nike Adapt concept. Oh did I already mention he’s 20 year’s old (HAD to make the joke). There aren’t too many teams that can top that one piece that the Celtics can offer. But does Tatum HAVE to be on the table? Moore answers how Boston can keep Tatum to get the big man out of New Orleans.

    Finally the show wraps up with a discussion about Gordon Hayward. Is he truly a liability for Boston? How far away are the C’s from competing with Golden State?

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    2:14 Reaction to the Anthony Davis trade request

    10:45 Why the Lakers offer doesn’t stack up

    23:31 What does a non-Tatum trade look like?

    33:18 What’s the biggest problem facing the Pelicans right now?

    37:50 How close are the Celtics to the Warriors?