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    Have the Celtics FINALLY Turned The Corner in 2019?

    Boston's improved play is cause for optimism


    I know it’s a lame joke, but will the REAL Boston Celtics please stand up?

    The conversations surrounding the team were exhausting. How many articles, podcasts, show segments were built around the struggling C’s? And they were accurate. Boston wasn’t playing well. The drama engulfing this team was sickening, and un-Celtic like. The last two weeks, frankly, were annoying.

    Now, let’s get this out of the way: SMALL SAMPLE SIZE. Any team can look great for a three-stretch. But all you were looking for was a pulse from this team. A response to all the drama. And within the first five minutes of the game against the Golden State Warriors I think we got our answer.

    The offense looks energized. The defensive rotations are crisp. There is a significant change in body language. And the team generally looks enlightened. In comparison to the two weeks prior to this trip this team sounds downright jubilant. Finally Boston looks like a team starting to heat up at the right time of year.

    As a result, Adam Kaufman and newly acquired Scott Souza dive into the Celtics current winning streak.

    Celtics Remarkable Balance

    Boston’s offensive potential was on display in California. Kyrie was dazzling in LA. Gordon was clutch in Sacramento and dominant in Oracle. But yet if you glance at the stat sheet you’ll notice the C’s have had every single player contribute in multiple ways.

    This team looks the best when everyone is touching the ball. And if you look at the point totals over this three-game streak you’ll notice a pattern:

    Hayward – 57
    Kyrie – 49
    Tatum – 46
    Morris – 45
    Horford – 36
    Brown – 36
    Smart – 34

    Pretty balanced if you ask me. And what a coincidence, the Celtics are playing some of their most inspired basketball of the year.

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